Querying My Soul

Querying is not for the weak. Rejections are swords that stab your heart over and over again. Each one threatens your confidence in your abilities and your desire to get out of bed in the mornings. Searching for the right agent for your book is like doctor-hopping with an undiagnosed disease. You are convinced you […]

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Scrivener for Windows Tips Part II

Exporting Last time we learned how to track your progress in Scrivener. Today it’s learning to export your data from Scrivener. Congratulations! You are ready to send your novel out to an editor or a beta-reader. But how do you send a Scrivener file to someone who does not have Scrivener? Well, you can export […]


Scrivener for Windows Tips Part I

Scrivener is a powerful tool, but it can be a bit tricky to navigate at first. There are multiple blogs out there that provide countless suggestions for ways to use it to your advantage, but unfortunately, they are all geared toward the Mac user and do not take into account the differences in the Windows […]


Chase Your Dreams

My body forced me to give up my accounting career that I loved. It did not ask for my permission, nor did it care what I thought about it. For several years, I wallowed in self-pity and boredom until one day a story popped into my head and refused to be ignored or dismissed. Suddenly, my dreams […]

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Should I Rewrite My Novel?

Yesterday, I opened my inbox to find the response to my first full manuscript request. Excitement mixed with nerves as I devoured the email. The agent had requested some extensive editing, including a decision on whether the book would be a stand alone (in which case add to or rewrite the ending) or a duo-logy, […]


Chronically Writing

What do you do when you are confined to your house or even your bed for days or weeks at a time? Usually, I dredge about in the depths of my own despair, despondent and depressed, as most people probably would. But time taught me a trick to rise from the void that threatened to […]