Chase Your Dreams

My body forced me to give up my accounting career that I loved. It did not ask for my permission, nor did it care what I thought about it. For several years, I wallowed in self-pity and boredom until one day a story popped into my head and refused to be ignored or dismissed. Suddenly, my dreams […]

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Should I Rewrite My Novel?

Yesterday, I opened my inbox to find the response to my first full manuscript request. Excitement mixed with nerves as I devoured the email. The agent had requested some extensive editing, including a decision on whether the book would be a stand alone (in which case add to or rewrite the ending) or a duo-logy, […]


Chronically Writing

What do you do when you are confined to your house or even your bed for days or weeks at a time? Usually, I dredge about in the depths of my own despair, despondent and depressed, as most people probably would. But time taught me a trick to rise from the void that threatened to […]