What do you do when you are confined to your house or even your bed for days or weeks at a time? Usually, I dredge about in the depths of my own despair, despondent and depressed, as most people probably would. But time taught me a trick to rise from the void that threatened to swallow me whole. Time taught me there was more to my life than wallowing in self-pity and doubt. Writing.

I discovered a hobby, one that allows me to travel to any place I wish, practice mind reading, and create my dream environment. I can go anywhere and do anything. For free. I’m chronically ill, but I can do anything.

Wielding My Pen

I write. I wield my pen to bring to life people I want to meet and places I want to visit. And I invent new worlds and toy with different situations. My female characters carry my internal strength without the burden of my external limitations.

Time races by as I lose myself in my stories. I may not be capable of running a marathon, but my protagonist is. I may not have the power to make the world a better place, but I can create a better place in the world. And I can do it all with strokes of the pen. No life is guaranteed tomorrow, not even my characters.

None of us know what the next days, weeks, or months will bring. Least of all me. But one thing is certain: in my own small way, I am imprinting my soul on the world, chronic illness or not. You can visit me at my author page any time to see my progress.


Every opportunity presents itself as a present. Will you examine it and shake it, then place it aside for another day? Or will you rip into it, crumple the wrapping, and delve into the box with fervor? I set my chronic illness aside and ripped into my new gift of writing with a passion I never knew I had.

Close your eyes for a moment and visualize your heart’s greatest desire coming true.

Now go and make it happen.

With Love,