I’m over you, brain fog. Feel free to dissipate into the ether at any time. I have things to do that require me to think and concentrate and process, like writing, and you don’t help with any of that. In fact, you make all of it damn near impossible.

I’ve been working around you as long as I can remember. But it takes a ton of energy and supreme willpower. I’m running low on both, so I’d be grateful for a break, even a little one.

I want to write. I want to build complex stories that grab my readers’ attention. But when you’re active, I can’t handle much more than, “See Jane Run.” That’s perfect for kiddie lit, but not so much for adult romance.

How do I work around and over brain fog?

  1. I write EVERYTHING down. Every half-baked idea, scrap of dialogue, or emotion that pops into my head. I have a notebook for each thing.
  2. I read aloud as I go, to make sure I have at least two senses on the job at all times…if not more.
  3. I consume too much caffeine, but it works for me. (Please don’t take this as medical advice because it isn’t.)
  4. I take a lot of small breaks to allow myself to rest.

It’s horrible enough I have to deal with you. I shouldn’t have my dreams taken away, too. So, I’ll continue the battle, you crazy demon. I’ll continue it until you go back to the depths of hell from whence you came.