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Last time we learned how to track your progress in Scrivener. Today it’s learning to export your data from Scrivener.

Congratulations! You are ready to send your novel out to an editor or a beta-reader. But how do you send a Scrivener file to someone who does not have Scrivener? Well, you can export it to any number of types of documents, including Word and PDF.

First, go to File, then Export, and choose Files.

Next, choose the location where you want to save it and the type of file you need, then you have the option to check boxes for what to include and exclude. Make sure to name the folder. I saved mine to my desktop so it would be easily accessible and I would not have to search for it.

Once you click Export, go to your desktop and click the file until you get to the folder called “Manuscript.” Right-click and send to zipped folder. This will create a second zipped file that you can then email to your beta-reader or your editor.

Combining in Word

The disadvantage is that Scrivener saves your scenes as individual files, so you will have multiple Word documents. You can combine them in Word if you want to with the below instructions.

To combine documents in Word, open the first document and go to Insert, click “Add from Files.” Then choose all the files you want to combine, and Word will do it. Be sure to hold down the shift or control key to select multiple files at once.

I hoped this helps you export your files from Scrivener.