I am convinced my browser history has been flagged, and some overworked, underpaid NSA lackey scrolls through my Twitter feed while waiting for my next search to sound the alarm in the bunker he is confined to.
If you also write, your agent is probably tossing darts at the same board mine is. Our internet searches are landmines waiting to explode.

Below are a few of my recent searches.

Subliminal versus supraliminal messaging

What sound does a moose make

How the world ends

How long do dead bodies smell

awhile or a while

Take down an airplane without using a bomb

What does Alaska smell like


Can you kill someone with a cellphone

How high is Denali

How to write a great sex scene

Can you hack into an airplane’s systems

Types of rifles

I am positive more than one of these has sounded the alarm. I would not be surprised to arrive at the airport someday, only to find out I have been added to the No-fly list. It is amazing the peculiar details authors must seek out to make their work authentic.

I hope my use of offsets the other ones.

What are some of your wildest internet searches?